Total House Call Service Since 1989!

Since 1989, our Hearing Aid Services have been associated with Senior Institutions, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, General Practitioners, Audiologists and Otolaryngologists.  We are very pleased to have been referred to from the above health care professionals. Our commitment is to provide our clients with an opportunity to establish healthy hearing and maintain an active lifestyle. Our mission is to establish a partnership with our clients in delivering the gift of hearing.  With our knowledge and dedication, our goal is to provide the client with the best suitable hearing device designed for them so they too can enjoy the sounds of life.

House Call Service

Healthy Hearing provides a complete hearing health care house call service throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our established practice allows clients to be visited and their families to be present in the comfort of their own home. Mark Santeramo is dedicated to making our hearing aid services more accessible to those unable to leave their home or simply remaining in the comfort of their own residence.
Just a call away!

Self Hearing Quiz

Hearing impairment is often a slow and gradual process. Therefore you may not always be aware if your hearing ability has been reduced. Here, you can evaluate your hearing and see if you should have it checked.