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Hearing loss is a common problem for older adults but may affect young children as well. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get to know when the problem has started; it is only after looking at the symptoms that the situation becomes clear.

You need to reach out to your nearby audiologist if you –

  • Have difficulty hearing over the telephone
  • Have issues in hearing due to background noise
  • Find it hard to understand what people are talking
  • Often ask people to repeat what they are saying
  • Turn up the TV volume loud every single time

Hearing problems that are ignored usually get worse over time. Adults with untreated hearing loss become vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and paranoia. In severe circumstances, they may suffer dementia and cardiovascular problems as well.

Noise, aging, ear infections, trauma, and genetics are major contributors to hearing impairment issues. While you cannot reverse most types of hearing loss, your hearing specialist in Pickering can help in improving what you hear with the help of hearing aids, medicines, or surgeries.

The experts at Healthy Hearing Inc. diagnose the severity of your hearing loss and evaluate which part of the ear is actually impacted. Not only that we also help you identify proper treatment procedures for your hearing needs by using our state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

In-Home Hearing Assessment Services Ajax

If you think you may need a hearing test in Whitby, but are unable to visit our clinic, don’t worry – we will visit you instead. Our highly trained team of mobile audiologists will come at your doorstep and give you the much-needed hearing assessment from the comfort of your own home or office.

We will measure your ability to hear in different environments (quiet, noisy, and when multiple people are talking) and also examine the condition of your ear canal to get a better picture of your auditory system and the ability of your brain to process different sounds.

The mobile hearing assessment package we offer in Ajax includes a full range of audiological care. We provide total house call services combined with clinical excellence and personal attention for every patient in Oshawa. And because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, you get the best hearing health care that is specific to you.