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Almost one in seven suffers some degree of impaired hearing. Actually, hearing loss is gradual. You may not even notice that you are not able to hear the way you used to. Besides, the chances of hearing loss increases as we get older. So, as you get aged, it is good to get your hearing assessment done regularly.

Not hearing properly, asking people to repeat their words, or increasing the volume of the television again and again can be tiring as well as irritating.

However, don’t let the hearing loss stop you from living confidently and vibrantly. Take the first step towards improving your hearing health! Fix an appointment with Healthy Hearing Inc. to uncover the underlying issue of your hearing impairment. This step is crucial to verify the hearing loss, its severity and some other conditions.


In-Home hearing assessment Vaughan

Can’t leave your home? Still, need assistance with your hearing? Don’t’ worry! At Healthy Hearing Inc., we provide an in-home hearing assessment as we understand that it is not possible for every customer to reach us. Whether you are impaired or have some personal issues or want to stay in the comfort of your place, our skilled mobile audiologist can put your mind at ease by providing a hearing assessment from the comfort of your own home.


With an experience of more than thirty years, we are providing mobile hearing assessment to residents living in Independent Retirement Communities, Nursing homes and Assisted Living in Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge and nearby areas. Our mobile audiologists have helped many in improving their hearing power by providing the most suitable treatment and hearing aid.


Moreover, the level of hearing issue is not the same in all people. So, our hearing aids are programmed in such a way that they easily meet your specific requirements.


Our goal is to develop a healthy relationship with our clients so that they can feel comfortable and easily share their problems with us. We reach our valuable customers with all the essential equipment for hearing assessment and provide them the appropriate guidance depending on their needs, preferences and lifestyle.


We have happily served our clients to establish healthy hearing and maintain an active lifestyle and will continue helping people who bear the hearing loss. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy the sounds of life!