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Hearing loss can affect the efficacy of a child as well as an adult. It leaves the patient helpless and makes them feel incompetent. According to a study, it has been found that by 2050 over 900 million people will be suffering from disabling hearing loss. So, early intervention and treatment is crucial to prevent complete deafness. 


Complications at birth, genetic causes, chronic ear infections, certain infectious diseases, exposure to excessive noise, use of particular drugs or ageing are some of the reasons for hearing loss. 


Not hearing properly or hearing loss can affect your ability to communicate with others. Moreover, it has a significant impact on your everyday living and can leave you isolated and frustrated. 


Overall, it is imperative to get ear tested if you are unable to hear a speech accurately or your notice tinnitus. Hiring the right audiologist at the right time can help you in regaining your hearing power!


Mobile Hearing Assessment Scarborough

Some people get nervous when they learn that they have to undergo hearing assessment. Maybe, because they get worried about what the result will be. Others can’t leave their home because of some health issues or get upset on visiting a health care centre. We understand your nervousness and are here to serve your hearing disorder at your doorsteps. We are fully equipped and perform the complete hearing assessment from the comfort of your own home. 


Our experts at Health Hearing Inc. will come to your home to conduct your hearing assessment. Our mobile audiologist is highly experienced, courteous and makes sure that the patient stays comfortable throughout the check-up. 


Since 1989 we are happily providing in-home hearing assessment services across Scarborough. On home visits, our trained and skilled team provide complete support to the patient and family, so that the mobile hearing assessment goes on smoothly. 


Our personalized services help cases of all ages to live their everyday life the way they want. We have a different range of hearing aids that can easily fit individual requirements and lifestyle as well. 


Now, if you are ready for mobile hearing assessment contact the experts of Healthy Hearing Inc. and get your specific hearing disorder treated by trained and experienced audiologists in Scarborough.