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Here are some of the most basic tests that are performed, Pure-Tone/Bone Conduction Audiometric Test:

  • Pure-Tone; A headphone is placed over your ears. In this test, you are instructed to respond to the softest tone that you hear at various frequencies. Whenever a tone is played, the patient is required to raise a hand or press a designated button.
  • Bone Conduction; A small oscillator attached to a headband is placed behind your ear. Again you are asked to respond to the softest tone that you hear at various frequencies. By reviewing the results of the bone conduction testing, compared to the air conduction testing, the hearing health care practitioner can determine if your hearing loss is the result of a problem in the outer, middle or inner ear.

Acoustic Immittance
A tiny probe is placed into the outer portion of the ear, then a slight pressure is applied into the probe to determine the eardrum’s mobility. After that, loud sound is introduced through the probe to see how well the middle and inner ear reacts to the sound.

Speech Reception and Word Recognition Test
This is a more specialized type of hearing test that measures your ability to not only hear but understand speech. The hearing health care practitioner will either play an audio CD or read out loud a series of words. Then, you have to repeat the dictated words to see how well you are able to hear and understand them.

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