Why House Calls?

//Why House Calls?
Why House Calls? 2018-03-12T19:38:02-04:00

Healthy Hearing provides a complete in-home hearing aid service throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our established practice allows clients to be visited and their families to be present in the comfort of their own home.

Mark Santeramo is dedicated to making our hearing aid house call services more accessible to those unable to leave their home or simply prefer to remain in the comfort of their own residence.

Just a call away!

Why In-Home Service?

Clients often feel more relaxed in their own home, and appreciate having time to talk on a one-to-one basis. It helps to develop a relationship and build trust in a more relaxed environment. After a home visit, clients often feel more confident in approaching a practitioner with comments and questions. The closer relationship may also mean families are more inclined to take part in the hearing aid process. House Calls help to break down stereotypes as practitioners gain knowledge about varied family practices, cultures and histories; they learn that all families are very different. Having greater knowledge with a client’s home and family also enables a practitioner to familiarize with the clients environment.

We provide regularly, scheduled hearing aid care to residents living in Independent Retirement Communities, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes.

Healthy Hearing is dedicated to making hearing health care more accessible to those unable to leave their home and or community by providing quality hearing aid service in the patient’s home setting.



No Need To Travel, We Come To You, In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Over the years, the vast majority of our clients have benefited from our house call service. We can perform all hearing tests/hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting, programming and fine tuning all in the comfort of your own home.